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Unexpected uses, unexpected questions about the drug
Nolvadex is a primary choice for treatment of risks (prevention) of breast cancer in case of initial diagnosis or recurrence of the risks of breast cancer burst. The drug is also applied in female patients with a certain type of breast cancer being susceptible to hormone therapy. This breast cancer type is named hormone-receptive. This is an optimum choice for treatment of premenopausal female patients. Nolvadex has tamoxife citrate as a key component. It has been present on the market and effectively applied to various cancer cases for over 35 years by now. When it comes to treatment of breast cancer in younger patients for whom it is important to preserve fertility, then Tamoxifen is considered to be the only choice. In almost 80% of cases of breast cancer in women the diseases is affected by female sex hormones. The tissues of tumor grow depending on the level of a certain hormone as estrogen or progesterone.

How does cheap Nolvadex work?

Cheap Nolvadex prevents the cells of tumor to access growing hormones which ensures slowing or complete termination of growth of tumor. Tamoxifen belongs to the drug class known as SERM which stands for selective estrogen receptor modulators. The medicine prevents estrogen from binding with certain particles (receptors) on cells of cancer tumor. Tamoxifen fills these receptors and estrogens are disabled to bind to the cells. When breast cancer cells lack estrogen they turn dormant and in 98% of cases the cells of cancer die.

How effective is cheap Nolvadex?
The efficacy of Nolvadex as of any cancer fighting drug depends on the timeliness of start of treatment. In most cases early stages of breast cancer are running symptomlessly. Even if a woman notices certain changes in breast tissues still she does not undertake any actions as there is a widely spread fallacy that most tumors and new formations in breast tissues go off with every next menstrual cycle or can vanish on their own. Let us examine the first case: breast cancer with zero symptoms.
If a woman does not feel any bothersome symptoms, then she does not see a cause of visiting a doctor. Such a careless attitude leads to inconvertible tumor formations that do not respond to cheap Nolvadex and require only surgical treatment. Women must see a doctor (a mammologist or a breast physician) twice a year. Mind that women with hormonal imbalance or women taking hormonal treatments must get their breast tissues checked every three months by a doctor and every week by themselves. If noticing some slight deformations or redensification, nipple form change or skin color change then you must consider to visit your physician and buy Nolvadex.
Considering the negligence of new formations in breast tissues, about 67% of breast cancer cases happen due to careless attitude to tumors. If you feel the change in breast tissues and the condition does not change with the phase of menstrual cycle, then order Nolvadex online and visit your doctor asap. Warn your doctor that you buy Nolvadex online and tell the history of the change. Your doctor will make necessary lab tests and will prescribe you a necessary dosage and a length of the treatment course. Keep in mind that you must pass lab tests (blood and urine) as well as get your breast tissues examined regularly. It is important to follow the response of cancer cells to the action of the medicine and to correct the treatment according to the changes in the tumor.

What dosage of Tamoxifen should I take?
An average dosage of the drug varies from 20mg to 40mf of Tamoxife, however an exact dosage and treatment course will be prescribed to you only by your doctor considering health background, risk factors and tumor progress. Tamoxifen online studies (Tamoxifen is the same Nolvadex online, however marketed under the name of key component of the medicine) have shown that regular intake and strict keeping to the dosage reduces the risks of recurrence of breast cancer almost to zero meanwhile patients who do not keep to the dosage or schedule of intake commonly perform cancer recurrence within the next year after treatment. Your doctor will explain you how to take Tamoxifen. You can also find numerous Nolvadex online reviews and patients’ feedbacks of how to take Tamoxife/Nolvadex and what are the effects of the treatment. Mind that every disease case is individual. Nobody will guarantee you that if you buy Tamoxifen you will completely recover from breast cancer. However the medicine will reduce tumor growth and in case it will not be able to completely “kill” the cancer, Nolvadex will improve the efficacy of other ways of treatment as surgery or chemo. In most cases Nolvadex is prescribed as a supplementary treatment.
Where to buy Nolvadex?
It is recommended to buy Nolvadex online. In this case you will be able to save costs (as Tamoxifen online is commonly cheaper than in offline pharmacy stores). May patients ask whether Tamoxifen is better than cheap Nolvadex. These two medicines are completely equal. You can start with Nolvadex and then buy Tamoxifen online and continue the treatment. The only condition is to keep to a prescribed dosage and schedule. In cancer treatment with Nolvadex without prescription the regularity of intakes and keeping to the dosage are two factors ensuring the efficacy of treatment and successful recovery.
If you want to buy cheap Nolvadex online, then be sure you buy the drug from reputable online stores as there are many websites selling fake drugs which have nothing in common with real Nolvadex. Besides cancer is not a diseases which is worth experimenting with.
If you want to buy Nolvadex uk and save costs then we recommend to pay attention to cheap Tamoxifen. Its cost is lower than if you buy cheap Nolvadex, but the medicine is the same effective.
Many patients also try to save costs choosing the alternatives or herbal drugs. We must warn you against purchasing such drugs as cheap Nolvadex UK will be much more effective.

Do I need a prescription to buy Nolvadex online (Canada or other countries)?
The answer is definitely yes. You need a prescription but not for buying cheap Nolvadex UK, but to know what is your dosage, how long you need to take it and what are the chances and risks. You can buy Tamoxifen without prescription and follow the instructions provided with box of drugs. But the instruction keeps only the key aspects of treatment and every case is individual. Thus you are strongly recommended to visit a doctor to get individual recommendations, to pass lab tests and MRI to find out the location, the size of the tumor and if there are metastases.