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LEXAPRO – indications and FAQ about the drug

Lexapro is one of the antidepressants produced and marketed by the Forest Pharmaceuticals company. The medicine is developed to fight low mood and depression as well as for prevention of these mental conditions. The product is approved by FDA far back in 2002. The drug is already tried and tested on a wide range of patients and cases all over the world. Its side effects and risks are known and studied. The pill belongs to the class of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors working for increase of the level of serotonin by blocking the process of its reuptake in brain cells. Though there are pretty much descriptions, reviews, reports on the drug, still patients always lack information before they buy Lexapro. In this review you will find TOP FAQ about the medicine you must know before you will buy Lexapro online.
TOP Lexapro online FAQ
In this review you will find out the answers on top frequently asked questions about the drug which patients commonly ask before they buy Lexapro. This information will make it easy for you to choose a proper drug.
Which conditions does Lexapro treat?
Lexapro is commonly prescribed to treat depression. However there are much more conditions which are susceptible to the action of Lexapro. Apart from depression, Lexapro is prescribed also to treat all forms of anxiety including generalized anxiety disorder (most known as GAD). As the drug corrects the level of serotonin in the body, it will work well for all forms of chronic low mood conditions, rapid changes of mood, loss of interest to life, loss of self motivation and other conditions. Before you buy Lexapro for your individual condition you will need to visit a doctor to find out whether a condition is chronic, whether it is conditioned with critically low levels of specific hormones. The key reason is to eliminate cases in which you just invent a disease in your head, but actually you do not need any medicine to correct the condition as it does not exist and it is undetectable on a physical level.
What is the difference between cheap Lexapro and other SSRI and antidepressants of other classes?
Cheap Lexapro has proven its efficacy in a wide range of cases. However it features the same mechanism of action as other SSRI and antidepressant drugs of other classes. Commonly health care providers prescribe cheap Lexapro online basing on condition of a patient, individual sensitivity to the components of the drug, possible risks for chronic conditions of a patient, side effects and such mental health factor as positive mindset. In severe cases, when a patient is depressed with symptoms of suicidal thoughts, then a harder therapy is needed.
However there is a distinctive advantage of cheap Lexapro (or Aramix online – this is the same Lexapro, but marketed under another name) is its side effect profile. Other antidepressant drugs feature high risks of sedation and weight gain. Practical global experience proved that cheap Lexapro does not cause severe sedation, thus you keep high workability and your performance does not depend on the treatment. Another advantage for you to buy Lexapro is low risks of weight gain. Only 7% of patients report adding some weight. Only 1.1% of patients report medium weight gain.
Among other advantages of Lexapro online is its ease of use. Most of patients instantly respond to the lowest dosages of the drug.
As it is impossible to predict which drug will work better for each individual case, health care providers must evaluate all health risk factors. This drug is aimed at improving the level of life quality, thus a drug must not reduce performance, workability, basic abilities of person. Antidepressant must not act as psyche and mental suppressor and must not make a patient disabled.
What is a right dosage of Lexapro for me?
This question is of ultimate importance for those patients who buy Lexapro online without doctor’s advice and prescriptions. This means that the treatment turns uncontrolled. However even a doctor can not guarantee that a prescribed dosage will be effective in a patient’s case. That is why it is of ultimate importance to keep in touch with your health care provider when you order Lexapro online. A doctor will recommend you how to change your dosage considering the current changes of your condition during treatment.
In most cases doctors start treatment with 10mg daily. That is why, if you buy cheap Lexapro online and aimed at moderate but effective treatment then this is your start dosage. There are special categories of patients who are recommended to start with a lower dosage of 5mg of Lexapro. These groups of patients are:
patients with severe anxiety disorder
geriatric patients
patients with severe chronic conditions which require constant intake of medicines
A recommended time of intake is early morning right after waking up. However some patients prefer taking cheap Lexapro in the evening before sleep as it reaches brain fast and ensures sound calm sleeping.
Some patients do not feel improvements at the start. However doctors increase the dosage of Aramix online only after a week of regular intake. The next dosage of Lexapro without prescription is 20mg. Please, if you take the medicine without your doctor supervision, do not exceed recommended dosage.
If you experience side effects which you correlate only to start of treatment with Lexapro without prescription, then you must consider decrease of the dosage.
Where to buy Aramixonline safely?
If you decide to buy Aramix or Aramixonline (the same drug as Lexapro, but under another brand name), then you must consider that you can not protect yourself against fake drugs. To prevent getting a fake pill for your psyche you must choose only official Lexapro online pharmacy. This ensures that you will get original, effective drug with due shelf life and approved pharma grade. You can also consider to buy Aramix instead of to buy Lexapro online cheap. There is no difference between these two medicines. They are equally effective and safe for your health if taken considerably.
Mind that if you buy Lexapro online cheap and do not get a prescription from your doctor, you must carefully read the instructions, keep to the indicated dosage and what is more important – you must be sure in your diagnosis before taking your first pill of Lexapro without prescription.